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Topic Author Issue
The Georgian Economy on a Stable Growth Path Ricardo Giucci (with Anne Mdinaradze) 100
Suddenly a Border: Hazelnut Trade across the De Facto Border between Abkhazia and the Zugdidi Municipal Region of Georgia Ketevan Khutsishvili 96
The Chinese Connection - Informal Trade Relations between the Caucasus and China Since the Early 1990s Susanne Fehlings 96
Moscow Azerbaijani-Juhuro 'Oligarchs' and the Eurasian Trade Networks Chen Bram 96
The Role of Iranian Azeris, Armenians and Georgians in Iran's Economic Relations with the Countries of the South Caucasus Andrea Weiss 92
Iran and Energy Cooperation in the South Caucasus: Prospects for the Post-Sanctions Era Hamed Kazemzadeh 92
The Unfreezing of Iran: Economic Opportunities for Georgia David Jijelava 92
Connecting Iran and the South Caucasus: Competing Visions of the North-South Corridor Yana Zabanova 92
How to Handle Food Security in the Light of Agricultural Development.A Look at Georgia Through the Southern Caucasus Levan Dadiani 88
The Feasibility of Averting Collapse: the Resurgence of Georgia's Agricultural Sector Juan Echanove 88
Armenia's Agricultural Sector: From the Subsistence Line to Discrete Take-Off? Virginie-Anne Dubois 88
Azerbaijan: Low Oil Prices and their Social Impact Farid Guliyev 83
Azerbaijan's New Macroeconomic Reality: How to Adapt to Low Oil Prices Ingilab Ahmadov 83
Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Policy in Azerbaijan: Challenges and Opportunities Jeyhun Mammadov 83
Lower Oil Revenues, Higher Public Debt: The Fiscal Policy Implications of Low Oil Prices in Azerbaijan Kenan Aslanli 83
Foreign Direct Investments in Armenia: Opening the Doors is Not Enough to Attract Investment Hasmik Hovhanesian and
Heghine Manasyan
Foreign Direct Investment Trends and Policies in Georgia Irina Guruli 82
FDI in Azerbaijan: A Structural Analysis of the Business Environment Hannes Meissner and
Johannes Leitner
Anti-Corruption Measures in the Energy Sector: EITI in Azerbaijan Hannes Meissner 78
The Informal Economy in Azerbaijan Guliyev, Farid 75
Institutional Trust and the Informal Sector of Georgia Rudaz, Philippe 75
Informal Economy of Armenia Reconsidered Mikaelian, Hrant 75
“After Us, the Deluge”: Oil Windfalls, State Elites and the Elusive Quest for Economic Diversification in Azerbaijan Farid Guliyev 69
The Southern Gas Corridor: Initiated by the EU, Completed by Others? TANAP, TAP, and the Redirection of the South Stream Pipeline Julia Kusznir 69
Perspectives for Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy Sources in the South Caucasus Region Maximilian Kühne (with Philipp Ahlhaus and Thomas Hamacher) 69
Economy-related country ratings 59
Informal Networks in the South Caucasus’s Societies Huseyn Aliyev 50
Informal Relations in Everyday Life. Opinion Poll   50
TAP, Nabucco West, and South Stream: The Pipeline Dilemma in the Caspian Sea Basin and Its Consequences for the Development of the Southern Gas Corridor Julia Kusznir 47
Oil and Political Stability in Azerbaijan: The Role of Policy Learning Farid Guliyev 47
Entrepreneurship in Georgia Philippe Rudaz 45
Structure of the Georgian Private Enterprises Sector, 2010. Data   45
Value Added By Type of Economic Activity. Data   45
Entrepreneurship in Armenia Hrant Mikaelian 45
SMEs in Armenia: Participation in the Economy and Business Environment. Data   45
Interlinked Energy Supply and Security Challenges in the South Caucasus Lusine Badalyan 33
Military Spending in the South Caucasus Region. Tables and Graphs   33
Oil and Gas Reserves–International Comparison. Tables and Graphs   33
Major Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines Around the Caspian Sea. Map   33
The Nabucco Gas Pipeline Project and its Impact on EU Energy Policy in the South Caucasus Julia Kusznir 33
Foreign Direct Investment in Azerbaijan – the Quality of Quantity Gerald Hübner 28
FDI-Related Data for Azerbaijan. Statistics   28
FDI Declines in Georgia Maia Edilashvili 28
Foreign Investments in Armenia: Influence of the Crisis and Other Peculiarities Haroutiun Khachatrian 28
FDI and GDP. Statistics   28
Investment Climate in the South Caucasus. Rankings   28
The Business Climate and Anti-Corruption Measures in Georgia Molly Corso 26
Georgia in Business-Related Country Rankings. Documentation   26
Informal Politics in Azerbaijan: Corruption and Rent-Seeking Patterns Hannes Meissner 24
Housing in Georgia Irakli Zhvania 23
Public Green Space in Armenian Cities: A Legal Analysis Arsen Karapetyan, Anush Khachatryan 23
Data on Public Green Space in Armenia. Statistics   23
The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi: Implications for the Caucasus Stanislav Secrieru 19
Armenia: A Strange Crisis With an Optimistic Outcome Haroutiun Khachatrian 18
As If Nothing Happened? How Azerbaijan’s Economy Manages to Sail Through Stormy Weather Gerald Hübner 18
Macroeconomic and Financial Indicators of Azerbaijan 2005–2009. Tables and Diagrams   18
Georgia: Continued Reverberations of the Crisis Revaz Sakevarishvili 18
Macroeconomic and Financial Indicators of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in Comparison, 1992–2010. Statistics   18
Crisis Assessment by the Population of the Three South Caucasus Countries. Opinion Poll   18
Continuity and Change in Azerbaijan’s Energy Diplomacy Murad Ismayilov 16
The State Oil Company SOCAR: A Microcosm of Azerbaijani Development? Heidi Kjærnet 16
Oil and Gas Revenues Management in Azerbaijan: Crude Dependence and Its Consequences Kenan Aslanli 16
The Significance of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan Republic for the Budget of Azerbaijan. Table and Diagram   16
Oil and Gas Reserves and Production – International Comparison. Statistics   16
Major Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines Around the Caspian Sea. Map   16
The South Caucasus: Rethinking Development and Democracy. Opinion Vartan Oskanian 06
Armenia: How a Small Country Counters the Global Crisis Haroutiun Khachatrian 06
IMF Loan for Armenia. Documentation   06
Armenian Macroeconomic and Financial Indicators January 2008 – February 2009. Statistics   06
Armenian Macroeconomic and Financial Indicators January 2008 – February 2009. Statistics   06
Splendid Isolation? Azerbaijan’s Economy Between Crisis Resistance and Debased Performance Gerald Hübner, Michael Jainzik 06
Development of Real GDP in Azerbaijan. Statistics   06
Banking System Structure 2007 – 2008. Statistics   06
Development of Time Deposits in Azerbaijan. Statistics   06
Georgia’s Expansion Halts Molly Corso 06
IMF Loan for Georgia. Documentation   06
Macroeconomic and Financial Indicators of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in Comparison, 1992 – 2008. Statistics   06
Leaving and Being Left Behind: Labor Migration in Georgia Teona Mataradze, Florian Mühlfried 04
Migration from and to the Countries of the South Caucasus, 1990–98. Statistics   04
The Southern Gas Corridor and Europe’s Gas Supply Roland Götz 03
Oil and Gas Reserves and Production – International Comparison. Statistics   03
South Caucasus Countries Can Benefit from Alternative Energy Development Manana Kochladze 03
Energy Consumption in the Countries of the South Caucasus. Statistics   03
Azerbaijan’s Geo-strategic Role in the EU’s Energy Security. Opinion Elkhan Nuriyev 03
Main Natural Gas Export Pipelines from Russia. Map   03
Oil Wealth, Patrimonialism, and the Failure of Democracy in Azerbaijan Farid Guliyev 02
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