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Topic Author Issue
The Role of the Caucasus Muslims Board in the State Building of Post-Soviet Azerbaijan Fuad Aliev 97
Moscow Azerbaijani-Juhuro 'Oligarchs' and the Eurasian Trade Networks Chen Bram 96
'Middle-Class, Limited-Edition'? Middle Class Subjectivities in Urban Azerbaijan Cristina Boboc 95
Radical Islam or Government Paranoia in Azerbaijan? Arzu Geybulla 93
The Role of Iranian Azeris, Armenians and Georgians in Iran's Economic Relations with the Countries of the South Caucasus Andrea Weiss 92
The Oil Boom and Human Capital Development in Azerbaijan: "Turning Black Gold into Human Gold" Surayya Mammadova 90
The Quality of Education in Azerbaijan: Problems and Prospects Farid Guliyev 90
Natural Resources and the Gender Gap in Azerbaijan Lucy Wallwork 90
The Contribution of Foreign Oil Companies to Human Capital Development in Azerbaijan: The Case of BP's CSR Program Nazaket Azimli 90
How Non-Governmental Are Civil Societal Relations Between Turkey and Azerbaijan? Hülya Demirdirek(with Orhan Gafarlı) 86
Ethnic Conflict in Nagornyi Karabakh—A Historical Perspective Arsène Saparov 84
Creating the “Enemy Nation”: The Difficult Historical Legacies of Armenian–Azerbaijani Relations Shalala Mammadova 84
A New Phase in the Karabakh Conflict Vicken Cheterian 84
The Karabakh Conflict and the Image of the “Historical Enemy” in Azerbaijani Textbooks Sergey Rumyansev 84
Azerbaijan: Low Oil Prices and their Social Impact Farid Guliyev 83
Azerbaijan's New Macroeconomic Reality: How to Adapt to Low Oil Prices Ingilab Ahmadov 83
Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Policy in Azerbaijan: Challenges and Opportunities Jeyhun Mammadov 83
Lower Oil Revenues, Higher Public Debt: The Fiscal Policy Implications of Low Oil Prices in Azerbaijan Kenan Aslanli 83
FDI in Azerbaijan: A Structural Analysis of the Business Environment Hannes Meissner and
Johannes Leitner
The Slavic-Orthodox Community in Azerbaijan: The Identity and Social Position of a Once-Dominant Minority Bruno De Cordier 81
The 2015 Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan: The Neglected Category of Independents Farid Guliyev 79
A Useless Campaign? The Example of a Non-Partisan Candidate in Azerbaijan's Parliamentary Elections Adeline Braux 79
To Participate or Not To Participate - That is the Question. Electoral Strategies of the Azerbaijani Opposition Sofie Bedford 79
"What Will They Think About Us?": The Importance of International Recognition of Elections Rashad Shirinov 79
Anti-Corruption Measures in the Energy Sector: EITI in Azerbaijan Hannes Meissner 78
Postcolonial Hybridity, Contingency, and the Mutual Embeddedness of Identity and Politics in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan: Some Initial Thoughts Murad Ismayilov 77
The Informal Economy in Azerbaijan Farid Guliyev 75
Local Governments in Azerbaijan: A Long Way To Go Anar Valiyev 74
Civil Society in Azerbaijan: Testing Alternative Theories Rashad Shirinov 73
Islamic Activism as a Social Movement.Recent Issues of Religion and Politics in Azerbaijan Fuad Aliev 72
Representation, Reform and Resistance: Broadening Our Understanding of Women in Politics in Azerbaijan Sinéad Walsh 71
Perspectives for Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy Sources in the South Caucasus Region Maximilian Kühne (with Philipp Ahlhaus and Thomas Hamacher) 69
The Southern Gas Corridor: Initiated by the EU, Completed by Others? TANAP, TAP,and the Redirection of the South Stream Pipeline Julia Kusznir 69
“After Us, the Deluge”: Oil Windfalls, State Elites and the Elusive Quest for Economic Diversification in Azerbaijan Farid Guliyev 69
The Ukrainian Crisis and Implications for Azerbaijan Anar Valiyev 67-68
(Non) "Russian World", (Non) Soft Power: Putin's Serpentine Policy in the South Caucasus Andrey Makarychev (with Alexandra Yatsyk) 67-68
5.5 Years of Prison for EPDE Board Member Anar Mammadli (Documentation) 63
E-Democracy in Azerbaijan Ulviyya Asadzade 61-62
Use of Facebook by Azerbaijani Government and Opposition: Strategy and Tactics Tariyel Jalalli 61-62
Azerbaijan after the Vilnius Summit: What Next? Anar Valiyev 58
Challenges of Migration Policy-Making in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia Shushanik Makaryan 57
Azerbaijani Migrants in Russia Adeline Braux 57
Stepping into the Unlimited Phase: Ilham Aliyev’s Third Term Rashad Shirinov 55
The Opposition’s Strategy in Azerbaijan’s 2013 Presidential Elections Shahin Abbasov 55
Different Meanings of the October 2013 Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan: Elites, Opposition, and Citizens Farid Guliyev 55
Oil and Political Stability in Azerbaijan: The Role of Policy Learning Farid Guliyev 47
Protests in Azerbaijan: Hot Months Expected Ahead of the Presidential Election Aleksandra Jarosiewicz 46
Ismayilli: The Winter of Our Alarm Arif Aliev 46
January 2013 in Azerbaijan: The Election Has Begun Rashad Shirinov 46
Media Reports on the Protest Actions in Azerbaijan. International Press Review   46
Opposition Protest Actions in Azerbaijan 2011–12. Chronicle   46
The View of Azerbaijan’s Population on Politics (2011). Opinion Poll   46
Islam in Azerbaijan (Historical Background) Altay Goyushov 44
Azerbaijan and “Tolerant Muslims” Jennifer Solveig Wistrand 44
Religious Tolerance. Opinion Poll   44
Oppositional Islam in Azerbaijan Sofie Bedford 44
Religiosity and Attitudes Towards Religion. Opinion Poll   44
Social Exclusion of Women in Azerbaijan Severina Müller 40
Azerbaijani Views on Gender Roles   40
Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy: Seeking a Balance Rashad Shirinov 37
EU–Azerbaijan Relations: Enhancing Human Rights and Democracy within Eastern Partnership Initiatives Anar Mammadli 35-36
Poverty in Azerbaijan Nazim Habibov 34
Azerbaijan’s Eurovision Story: Great Chances to Improve, But No Political Will Shahin Abbasov 32
Social Capital in Azerbaijan: Does It Help to Build Democracy? Anar Valiyev 31
Foreign Direct Investment in Azerbaijan — the Quality of Quantity Gerald Hübner 28
FDI-Related Data for Azerbaijan. Statistics   28
Azerbaijan and the North Caucasus: A Pragmatic Relationship Anar Valiyev 27
Media in Azerbaijan: The Ruling Family Dominates TV, the Opposition Has Some Papers Arifa Kazimova 25
The Formal Political System in Azerbaijan Andreas Heinrich 24
Informal Politics in Azerbaijan: Corruption and Rent-Seeking Patterns Hannes Meissner 24
Azerbaijan’s Political System As Assessed By Country Rankings. Documentation   24
Public Opinion in Azerbaijan on the Political System. Opinion Poll   24
1937: “Great Terror” in Azerbaijan Eldar Ismailov 22
Policy Attitudes towards Women in Azerbaijan: Is Equality Part of the Agenda? Yuliya Aliyeva Gureyeva 21
As If Nothing Happened? How Azerbaijan’s Economy Manages to Sail Through Stormy Weather Gerald Hübner 18
Macroeconomic and Financial Indicators of Azerbaijan 2005–2009. Tables and Diagrams   18
Comparing Azeri Attitudes toward Political Participation in Azerbaijan and Georgia Joshua Noonan 17
Comparing Azeri Attitudes toward Political Participation in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Survey Results. Diagrams   17
Continuity and Change in Azerbaijan’s Energy Diplomacy Murad Ismayilov 16
The State Oil Company SOCAR: A Microcosm of Azerbaijani Development? Heidi Kjærnet 16
Oil and Gas Revenues Management in Azerbaijan: Crude Dependence and Its Consequences Kenan Aslanli 16
The Significance of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan Republic for the Budget of Azerbaijan. Table and Diagram   16
Oil and Gas Reserves and Production – International Comparison. Statistics   16
Major Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines Around the Caspian Sea. Map   16
The Internet in Azerbaijan Alexey Sidorenko and Arzu Geybullayeva 15
The Business of Literature in Azerbaijan Nigar Kocharli 14
Civil Society in Azerbaijan: Under Fire but Still Resisting Shain Abbasov 12
The Turkish–Armenian Protocols: Implications for Azerbaijan Anar Valiyev 11
A Short Sketch of One Century of Azerbaijani Historical Writing Zaur Gasimov 08
Splendid Isolation? Azerbaijan’s Economy Between Crisis Resistance and Debased Performance Gerald Hübner, Michael Jainzik 06
Development of Real GDP in Azerbaijan. Statistics   06
Banking System Structure 2007 – 2008. Statistics   06
Development of Time Deposits in Azerbaijan. Statistics   06
The Southern Gas Corridor and Europe’s Gas Supply Roland Götz 03
Azerbaijan’s Geo-strategic Role in the EU’s Energy Security. Opinion Elkhan Nuriyev 03
Oil Wealth, Patrimonialism, and the Failure of Democracy in Azerbaijan Farid Guliyev 02
The Georgia-Russian Conflict: A Perspective from Azerbaijan and Implications for the Region. Opinion Fariz Ismailzade 01
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